Boat Collective Floating Session

Words by Susannah Christensen – Photos by Torrens Revell

Do you ever find yourself cursing your friends under your breath for, like, not owning yachts you can party on every weekend? I know I sure as hell do. Enter: Boat Collective.

My right-hand and I attended BC’s first Floating Session of the summer (ahhh, it feels good to say that) and it didn’t disappoint.

The boat jets off from Barrack Street at 2pm, every Saturday of the season. (Make sure to buy tickets in advance, they often sell out). Sundays are usually for private charters, if you’re so inclined.

When the boat pulled up, it was cameras and phones out for us. A one-story, low-to-the-water ferry exclaiming ‘BC’ in unmissable blue and orange colours was totally Instagram-worthy. And we hadn’t even entered yet.

Cue our entry. Champagne flowing and sailor hats galore. The inside of the vessel resembled a chic courtyard: milk crates with vibrant pillows, astroturf and old barrels surrounding. Giant versions of childhood classics Jenga and Connect 4 had even the most mature float-goers cackling with laughter and crawling on the floor to pick up the game’s pieces.

A few drinks in, steaming hot pork sausages on crispy, fluffy bread smothered in onions, cheese, tomato sauce and wasabi mustard was a welcome interlude.

We decided to take our party-of-two outside. As we weaved through the city’s surrounds, drinks in hand and sun beating down, it felt much more Miami cruise than Perth ferry. But then, just as we were feeling all sparkling drinks and skyscrapers, the boat took us into scenery that felt a little closer to home. We cruised from the city-centre into burnt trees and muddy river bliss around Belmont and Burswood areas.

Back inside, the staff was awesome: hilarious, attentive, informative. They knew how to have fun, making the whole friends-yacht fantasy much more believable.

The three hours sailed by and left us with salty, wind-ravaged hair, a champagne (ahem) buzz, and a yearning to do it all again next weekend. Luckily, we can. Buy tickets for this Saturday’s session here.

And what’s more? This summer marks BC’s inaugural Triple J Hottest 100 party. Follow their Facebook page for more deets – the date should be released next week.

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